Saratoga Report Founder/Publisher Dan De Federicis responds about Saratoga Report’s posting of links from the web site Moving Saratoga Forward

On a couple of occasions in the past month or so I posted links from Moving Saratoga Forward (“MSF”), a local web site that I will further describe below.  A few readers responded with negative reaction to the fact that Saratoga Report was posting information from MSF.  Let me explain why I posted it and why I will, at least on some occasions, continue posting Moving Saratoga Forward links on Saratoga Report.

Moving Saratoga Forward brands itself as “Saratoga County’s Most Trusted Source For News”.  That’s simply not true.  In my opinion it’s a lot of very conservative – some would say extreme – commentary mixed with purported facts, which are often skewed and sometimes incorrect.   It is published anonymously, although plenty of people know who is behind it.  As someone who is moderate leaning conservative, I have misgivings on it and am turned off by its harsh tone.

So your likely question, which is rather logical, is why do I post Moving Saratoga Forward’s links if I have such misgivings about it.

Fair enough.  There are a few reasons:

  1. What I wrote above is what Dan De Federicis thinks.  I have friends and neighbors (and so do you) who think most or all of what MSF writes is dead on, and they appreciate reading it.  Yes I understand how MSF, and entities like it, can be destructive and even dangerous.  That concerns me.  With that being said, Saratoga Report is a news and commentary aggregator, not Dan’s personal blog. The negativity, harshness (and worse) that this country is experiencing concerns me, but not as much as an America that feels it needs the government or the media to protect them from thoughts and ideologies – no matter how negative or destructive they seem.
  2. Moving Saratoga Forward has an online presence in this community whether people like it or not.  It has people talking unlike any other local web site. There is no doubt that Saratoga Report’s posting of some of the web site’s links increases MSF’s presence, but Moving Saratoga Forward’s beliefs are parallel to what much of Congress, former President Trump and so many in this country believe.  It simply has a local focus.  Those beliefs are out there no matter what, and readers, whether those beliefs and their delivery tone are agreeable or not, should know what a noteworthy portion of this community believes.  If nothing else, the curious political scientist in me wants to know what MSF is saying.
  3. Finally, while not being a fan of MSF, I will acknowledge they do sometimes report information what I feel is relevant but the mainstream media doesn’t or won’t cover for various reasons.  Last month MSF posted videos of number of horrible fights inside Saratoga High School as well as other evidence concerning the apparent rise in violence in our schools.   This was contemoraneous with at least some members of the school board denying there was a problem and waving the “nothing to see here” flag.   Some disagreed with MSF’s posting of the videos, but as a parent I was appalled by what I saw, bothered by the district’s denials, and appreciative that the information was made available.  The mainstream media finally caught up on the issue a day or two later, but I believe they never would have reported on it had MSF not brought the issue to light.

It would be so easy to ignore Moving Saratoga Forward and never post anything from them.  I grappled with this quite a bit.  Here is where I am at:  From now on anything I post from MSF will have a notice/disclaimer on it, which will basically be a pared-down version of the 2nd paragraph herein, namely that MSF is not truly a news site as it claims, but a web site that has skewed and often harsh commentary, but nonetheless has a local online presence and sometimes posts information that is relevant to some readers.   This will of course get me no fans on the right or left, but I’m trying my best to inform my community and as of right now, right or wrong, this is my decision on how to handle Moving Saratoga Forward.   Thank you for reading this and thank you for reading Saratoga Report.


Dan De Federicis
May 12, 2022