550 Waterfront (formerly Lake Local) Set To Open Later This Month

One of the most anticipated local restaurant openings in years will occur early this summer on the north shore of Saratoga Lake.  Sources tell Saratoga-Report that the eponymously named 550 Waterfront, known to most as Lake Local (and a dwindling few as The Tropic Hut) will open on or about June 29th.

The numerous prospective patrons peering inside the new building’s windows can see the dining room is furnished with tables, chairs, and booths, and the indoor and outdoor bars simply need some liquor and beer to be functional.  Management has been interviewing staff in the past week, and others wishing to work there can apply on the new restaurant’s web site, which has the tag line “Same Crew, New Boat”.  The old boat, a tiny shack, was destroyed in an April 2018 fire.

Managing Partner John Boyle told The Business Review in May that he felt the expansive 7,000 foot building plus outdoor dining areas could accommodate up to 200 guests while still adhering to social distancing regulations and maintaining customer safety.  “I don’t wish anything negative on any business or restaurant,”  Boyle told the Business Review.  “But if any restaurant is set up to make people feel safe, it is us”.  Total capacity is 400 indoors and out when at full capacity.

Sources tell Saratoga-Report that the restaurant, which will be open year-round, will have a number of events for investors and friends during the middle of June before it is open to the public.  The remaining steps include final reviews of all licensing requirements, drone photography – presumably for the restaurant’s web site which at this point is just a landing page and a link to the application process – and continued hiring and training of staff.

550 Waterfront is located at 550 Union Avenue Saratoga Springs, NY.