9 Miles East to open Saratoga location today (Exclusive)

      9 Miles East Farm will open its new production kitchen today at 64 Excelsior Avenue in the Spa City.  The popular business started out as a vegetable farm in the Town of Northumberland (outside of Schuylerville, “9 miles East” of Saratoga Springs) 16 years ago and has evolved in recent years into offering prepared meals for home-delivery customers and artisan pizza made with locally-grown and produced ingredients.

The location, a former auto parts store, is more centrally-located to the farm’s expanding customer base than the farm itself, and allows the business to make deliveries more quickly and efficiently.  A Times Union Table Hopping blog entry from last August noted the business would be “seeking $250,000 in community investment…through a plan that promises a 50 percent return on investment within 10 years. Minimum investment of $1,000 required.”

The TU post noted the original plan indicated the location would be open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily for:

Coffee, grab & go breakfast, weekend farmers’ market brunch &          lunch, & alternative grain baking program. Great coffee, great wifi,        no rush until table service starts at 5 p.m.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed and delayed some of those plans, and co-founder and CEO Gordon Sacks, in an email to Saratoga-Report, notes that it will be a phased opening.  The business’ entire pizza operation will produce that product out of the new location starting today, with the rest of the meal production moving there later this month.

Sacks, who cofounded 9 Miles East with Mary Sacks,  wrote that the 40 seat dining room and patio will open “as soon as it’s safe”, and when fully operational the location will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week.  A beer and wine license is planned.

       Plans announced in 2017 for 9 Miles East to open at the Lake Avenue location of Moby Rick’s (formerly Peppers Market) were abandoned after, among other reasons, neighborhood opposition surfaced.

Sacks also noted they will soon announce a delivery partnership with “another independent local business” and that customers should “stay tuned for that.”

Pizza can be ordered online either via delivery or contactless curbside pickup at 64 Excelsior Avenue via and the farm’s main web site is