DA candidate Michael Phillips: Karen Heggen at Safe Boating Press Conference: Too Little, Too Late


Yesterday, the Saratoga County Sheriff’s office held a press conference at Brown’s Beach on Saratoga Lake yesterday stressing the important of safe boating practices on all our beautiful waterways in Saratoga County.


Current Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen attended the event and spoke from the podium for a few minutes.


“This begs the question–why now?” said Justice and Public Safety and Democratic candidate Michael Phillips. “During 2021, in a stunning failure to fulfill one of the fundamental obligations of the district attorney’s office, Karen Heggen failed to conduct a complete investigation into a tragic boating death accident on Saratoga Lake.


“Citing the questionable excuse of ‘uncooperative witnesses,’ Heggen never convened a grand jury nor did she compel witness testimony via subpoena. She did try to bury the story by releasing it on Christmas Eve, 2021 leaving just too many unanswered questions.


“Tragically, the Saratoga County community will never know who is really responsible for the death of a young man on Saratoga Lake in July of 2021.

“This is what happens when a district attorney does not do the job.”