Saratoga-Report Exclusive: Lake Local poised to reopen

Lake Local, the popular food and beverage establishment on Saratoga Lake that was ravaged by fire in 2018, appears poised to reopen, likely by the first half of June if restaurants are allowed to reopen. These photos from this past weekend show the new building is complete and the parking lot is striped. A look through the windows revealed that it is mostly furnished, with tables and chairs inside and televisions mounted on the walls. The new structure is multiple times larger than the former Tropic Hut building, which was appropriately named as it was pretty much just that – a hut.

Customers of the reopened Lake Local, which reportedly will be called “The Waterfront”, will notice marked changes from the business’ prior setup. Gone is the ample grass for kids and adults to play on, however, there is an expansive sandy area to the west of the building which will likely be popular. It is not apparent yet where an outdoor band would perform, but live entertainment was an popular feature at Lake Local so presumably that will continue at the new place. A look at did not reveal any job listings for this establishment, so it is possible an opening is on hold until COVID-19 restrictions are clearly settled.