New Buildings Going Up In Various East Side Locations

A walk or ride on the east side of Saratoga Springs, on and near Lake Avenue, will show a few new projects at various stages of development.

Starting downtown, at 128 Henry Street just to the north of Four Seasons Foods, is a large building on a lot of land that just a few years ago didn’t seem to be a likely location for a big new development.  That location today is the site of Bonacio’s The Moderne Condominiums, which according to the development’s web site will soon contain “….one-of-a-kind 2-3 bedroom condos & penthouses in an ultra-modern building….” and “….features a curated art collection in the main lobby, floor to ceiling glass, and innovative smart technology in every unit….”.

The prices on the units, some of which have already been sold, range from $800,000 to $1.2 million.  Four of the 24 units have three bedrooms and the remainder are two bedroom units.  You can read more about the plans for this project in this article from last year in Saratoga Business Journal.

Staying on Henry Street but crossing Lake Avenue to the south is another Bonacio project at 79 Henry, aka “The Big Red Barn”.  This location, which was designed for office and retail tenants, was home to an old barn that served as Nemec’s Feed Store from 1983-2008, which was torn down in 2018. 

Moving to the east on Lake Avenue, into the residential areas, it’s hard not to notice a big residential building going up where Peppers Market and Moby Rick’s once stood.  That 19th century building, which had plenty of history and showed it, was torn down late last year.  Now there is a 2-unit residential building being built there by Caruso Home Builders.

That shift to residential probably pleased nearby residents, many who voiced opposition to a joint project floated in 2017 by Moby Rick’s and 9 Miles East.  The project was ultimately abandoned, and Moby Rick’s landed in the Congress Street Plaza via a detour on S Broadway, and 9 Miles East has what appears to be a very accommodating location on Excelsior Street.

Finally, heading out Lake Avenue to the Northway, one will see a small housing project of three homes being built just feet off the southbound shoulder of I-87.  This property was likely once written off as unbuildable and was kept there as a buffer between Northway traffic and the nearby homes.  That was then; this is now.  If there’s a Spa City lot that complies with zoning (especially on the east side), chances are someone has plans to build something residential on it.

One positive aspect of being so close to the Northway is that the homes, at least by Saratoga Springs standards, seem affordable as they are advertised as “Starting in the $300s”.

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  • New buildings going up in various east side locations